Online Betting – Shortened 2011 NFL Season is Possible

May 31, 2011 Online Betting

There will likely be NFL online betting odds on the board at the Sbg global sportsbook for the 2011 regular season but how many games are played is definitely in question.

The NFL owners recently met in Indianapolis, site of this year’s Super Bowl and the owners were confident that the 2011 season would be played. The Internet betting question is when the season will begin.

Read Between the Lines
If you read into what some of the owners said on Tuesday you might be worried about a full season being played in 2011.  The owners were extremely confident that a season would occur and that Super Bowl XLVI would be played in Indianapolis.  The owners would not go on record though and say that a full season would be played. New York Giants owner John Mara said that at some point a deal will get done.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league’s “intention” is to play a full season.  What that really means is that they are setting up contingency plans for a shortened season.

July 4th Deadline?
Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said that a deal between the owners and players needs to get done by July 4th or preseason and regular season games will start to get cancelled. Goodell wouldn’t go that far but there is no doubt that Irsay is right.  Goodell wouldn’t set an official date but if Irsay is coming out with July 4th then it can’t be too far off.

Shorter Season
Keep in mind that the last two times the NFL and the players had a work stoppage that the Internet betting NFL season was shorter.  In 1982 the league lost seven games but still had a full playoff schedule and a Super Bowl. The league lost another game in the 1987 online betting season but still had a 15-game schedule, the playoffs and the Super Bowl.  The NFL is preparing in case they have to shorten the 2011 regular season. The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 5th in Indianapolis but there are already plans in place to move the game to February 12th if needed.  The NFL wants the season to begin as scheduled but if history is any guide that may not happen.

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