NCAA Basketball Tournament Expands Online Betting Field to 68 Teams

NCAA Basketball Tournament Expands Online Betting Field to 68 Teams. There are many fascinating sporting events that fans can wager in the online betting universe but, the greatest of them is the NCAA basketball tournament. There are many fascinating and wonderful sporting events that fans can wager on in the online betting universe but when the discussion about the greatest of them all starts up, it begins and ends with the NCAA basketball tournament.

There is simply no other sports betting event like it anywhere in the world of Internet betting and with the latest evolution of this championship it just might be even better in the year ahead.

On April 29th, 2010 the body that governs the greatest online betting tournament in the world agreed to expand the field from 65 teams to 68 teams.  Effective immediately this adds a bit of the boost to this sports betting experience and make a great sports betting event even greater.

It adds symmetry to the bracket and will surely be a hit with online betting fans who can’t seem to get enough of this basketball betting competition.

The NCAA tournament is one championship in online betting where every team involved truly is on equal footing to begin play.  Obviously no #16 seed has ever won this sports betting jewel and no #16 seed probably ever will.

But once that low seeded team receives the invite to the Big Dance they have the exact same chance as the #1 seed to win this tournament.  The online betting odds makers probably see it a bit differently, but anything is possible in March when your discussing NCAA basketball betting.

After all, there have been #15 seeds that have knocked off #2 seeds in the first round of the online betting and those are the kind of special moments that make the NCAA basketball betting tournament the greatest in Internet betting.

The NCAA basketball betting tournament has expanded twice before in recent years so this is hardly an unprecedented move.  In 1985, in a move that revolutionized this sports betting mainstay the field was expanded to 65 teams.

In 2001, in what was a bizarre move that served only to open the tournament to greater expansion, the field was expanded by one team to its present size of 65 teams.

And this latest expansion raises many online betting questions about even further expansion in the future.  There has been talk for some time in sports betting circles of making the college basketball betting championship a 96 team tourney and this may just be the opening volley in that process.