Bucks Suffer Major Injury, Offshore Betting Odds Affected

Offshore betting odds on the Milwaukee Bucks are changing as the Bucks suffered a major loss as center Andrew Bogut was hurt on Saturday. The Bucks have been one of the best teams in the NBA vs. the point spread but now the bookmaker has to adjust their odds with Bogut out of the lineup.

Offshore betting results indicated that the Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns on Saturday night but in the process they lost Bogut after he suffered a broken hand, dislocated elbow and sprained wrist.  Bogut was injured after falling hard after a hit by Amare Stoudemire.  “The fans didn’t have a clean view of what happened,” Stoudemire said. “But I think once they see the replay they’ll see that there was nothing intentional.”  The Bucks didn’t believe that Stoudemire was trying to hurt Bogut. “Amare doesn’t seem like that type of person,” Milwaukee’s Brandon Jennings said. “I think it was just an accident.” The Bucks may have beaten the Suns on Saturday but losing Bogut was the far bigger story.

The Bucks were a team to look at in the NBA Playoffs. They are in 6th place in the Eastern Conference.  Losing Bogut is huge though.  He is having his best season, averaging 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds per game. Milwaukee is a team that the bookmaker has respected.  The Bucks are a superb 49-26-1 against the spread this season.  Milwaukee wins at home and on the road.  How they will fare without Bogut is now the question to be answered.

Milwaukee is 7th in the league on defense and 22nd on offense. The loss of Bogut is going to hurt them in offshore betting because Bogut leads the team in points per game, rebounds, field goal percentage and in blocks.  The Bucks will have to get a lot of help from other players if they expect to pick up the slack. The problem for Milwaukee is that they are unlikely to win a first round series in the NBA Playoffs without one of their best players.  The prognosis looks doubtful for Bogut to return for the playoffs.  Milwaukee would probably Boston in the first round and in that matchup they would be hard-pressed to handle Kevin Garnett in the middle without Bogut.  The Bucks have been a nice story this season but the loss of Bogut may end the feel-good part of the story this season.