Betting Online: Does Shaq Make the Cavs a Contender

The fact is, at Shaq’s current age, the block buster deal that the online betting community has been obsessing about isn’t really that much of a blockbuster. And even though Shaq is an upgrade, his presence alone along will not automatically make the Cavs a favorite among many a sports book to hoist the NBA betting internet championship trophy in 2010.

Wagering online fans saw the Cavs tear up the competition during the gambling online regular season last and establish themselves as the firm favorites to take the NBA title. However, anyone that saw the online wagering playoffs last year knows that it didn’t really happen that way. The Magic made a mockery of the team that most betting online experts would waltz their way to the Finals. That surprising loss in the playoffs to a ‘soft’ team like the Magic was a definite wakeup for the fans betting online on the Cavs, and led to the major personnel move.

The team made a good choice shipping off two benchwarmers for an important post player, one of the best in all of online betting. But it doesn’t solve the major problem for Cavs in the upcoming betting online season. How is Shaq’s arrival going to prevent opponents from killing them from the perimeter like the Magic did? The problem for those betting online on the Cavs in the series versus Orlando was slow-footed centers defending versatile big men in the pick and roll game which led to wide open shots on the outside. When betting online, keep in mind that at age 37 Shaq’s feet are slowing every day and you can be sure he won’t be sliding out to contest many opponents’ 3 pointers.

King James is still the key to the Cavs betting online success and he’s getting better every year. The responsibility still lies on his shoulders and any success for this team will depend on his play. The Cavs aren’t likely to face a team that shot as well as the Magic in last season’s online betting playoffs. But what the Cavs need most to avenge the betting online season in last year’s conference finals is at least one versatile big man who can ply the 3, 4 and 5 spots and despite the hoopla being made over the trade for Shaq, he is not that man.

The Cavs are still an excellent team and Shaq makes them even better, but if they run into the same type of team next in the online betting playoffs as they saw in the Magic this year, the result will be the same.