Watch US basketball in Olympic Sportsbook Action at SBG Global

February 8th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

There is no questioning the talent of the USA for Olympic sportsbook action. The greatest players will be suited up for the in the Olympic sports betting. Olympic betting action has in recent years the sporting high light of the Olympic sports betting in regards to basketball. Ever since the Olympic gambling competition was opened up to NBA players the event has taken on the air of a rock concert. With another star-studded lineup this year in the Olympic online betting action the Team USA will be the star of the Olympic sports betting and several of its members looked poised to have a huge performance.

That’s the major reason why the Olympic sportsbooks are all counting on an American golf medal. But that will depend on a great performance from the players, something that didn’t happen four years ago in the Olympic sportsbook action in Athens.

One player to watch is Carmello Anthony. He was the American’s only consistent scorer in the Olympic sportsbook action four years and can seemingly score at will against the Olympic sports betting competition. Anthony has never seen a shot he didn’t like and that’s a needed component when some players tend to freeze up in the Olympic sportsbook action.

Also look for LeBron James to step up in the Beijing sportsbook action. James is obviously capable of dominating the Olympic sports betting, but he appeared reluctant at times during the Athens Olympic sportsbook competition. He’ll definitely be much more aggressive this year as the China is a huge potential market for the Cavs superstar and he could have potentially hundreds of millions of endorsement dollars riding on his Olympic sportsbook performance.

Two other players that will like bust out in the Olympic sports betting are Chris Paul and Michael Redd. No one in the Olympic betting action can guard Paul and if the Americans win the basketball competition he’ll be a huge reason as to why. Redd will also have to play well as he’s the lone American marksman who will have myriad open looks as the Olympic sportsbook competition collapses on his driving teammates. He could easily be the leading scorer of the tournament.