Olympic Sports Betting vs. Potential for Politics at SBG Global

February 9th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

No one knows for sure if the Olympic sports betting activities will be halted or whether the Olympic sport book action will go off without a hitch. Olympic Sports gambling and politics often intersect but rarely has there been such an opportunity for the two to intersect than at the upcoming Olympic sports betting action in Beijing. Winning the right to host the Olympic sport book action was a tremendous feat for the Chinese government, but the Olympic sports gambling action also represents a great opportunity for opposition protest. The Chinese government has made plenty of enemies in the world –some deserved, others not- and the potential for politics to take the spot light from the Olympic sports betting has never been greater in the age of Olympic sport book wagering.

Olympic Sports wagering has been matter of conversation among people. Many people around the world oppose the communist philosophy of the ruling Chinese government and even many fans of Olympic sports wagering were disappointed to learn that Beijing would host the Olympic sport book action. Claims of wide spread human right abuses and environmental polluting are often cited among opposition to Beijing’s hosting of the Olympic sports betting activity. But the most high profile of the anti-Beijing Olympic sports gambling causes is the Tibetan independence movement and its supporters. This cause is the most likely of the many grievances against the government to cause a disruption of the Olympic sports wagering.

What makes this cause especially disturbing for the host country of the Olympic sports betting is that the cause is so well supported by Western celebrities and headed by the Dali Lama –a person held in more esteem by much of the world than the Chinese government or even the Olympic sports gambling action itself.

One factor that the Chinese government has in its favor in the effort to keep politics from disrupting the Olympic sports betting activity is the fact that its authority is expansive. Descent is squashed by all means necessary within China, but this could be a bit tricky when it involves the myriad foreign press and activists that will be on hand for the Olympic sports gambling.

But the level of anticipation for such a disruption is great and many Olympic sports wagering fans are watching these games with an especially interested eye.


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