LA’s hosting Olympic Games betting odds slim and none

August 29th, 2019 Olympic Games

The City of Angels’ Olympic Games betting odds of hosting the 2024 Summer Games have taken a blow following president Trump’s Alhambra Decree, err, executive order. According to USA Today, U.S. Olympic officials were worried that a Trump presidency could negatively impact LA’s chances (not to say bring about the End Times), and now “their worst fears already are being realized.” Well, everybody’s worse fears are being realized. Oh, they mean about Los Angeles hosting the Olympics. People who bet on Olympic Games don’t care where the event is held, though; the magic of online gambling has them covered regardless.

LA’s competition includes Paris and Budapest. If it were Occupied Paris, or Arrow Cross Party-ruled Budapest, then Los Angeles would really stand a chance at winning this thing among people who bet on Olympic Games. As it is, however, LA is the underdog in this race. People within the U.S. and Los Angeles Olympic community had told USA TODAY that the Donald could hurt the city’s efforts to woo International Olympic Committee voters from Islamic and Latin countries, and that was before he won(*) the 2016 elections – though some international Olympic circles believe that Trump could actually help LA with IOC voters in Russia and other former Soviet Bloc countries. However, and to paraphrase Captain Louis Renault, the IOC blows with the wind, and there is no telling whence the prevailing wind will be when it’s time to cast votes.

As it turns out, Trump has shown support for and interest in LA’s bid, but that might actually be worse for the city’s Olympic Games betting odds than if he were against it. As a matter of fact, Olympic officials would rather that he not speak in Lima, Peru on September 13th where and when the IOC will make its selection. If this were an 80’s sitcom, they could just tell him it’s actually Lima, Ohio and fake the whole thing. Then again, Donald Trump, POTUS could have spewed from the PowerBook of the laziest Hollywood hack. Another alternative would be to have the staff at Time Safari go back and prevent Eckels from stepping on that butterfly.

According to Alma College professor Derick L. Hulme, as quoted by the Los Angeles Daily News, the Trump administration is “a catastrophe.” It’s also bad news for Los Angeles’ bid. So much so that British Conservative Party politician James Heappey questioned LA’s very viability as a candidate “whilst Trump’s silly visa ban is in place.” Whilst. You gotta love those Brits. Meanwhilst, London newspaper The Independent claimed that “the IOC’s silence on Trump is contemptible, Los Angeles cannot now host the 2024 Olympics,” presumably while spinning against a black background.  Furthermore, Pacific University professor Jules Boykoff said that many IOC members will take exception to the Trump administration’s “full throttle xenophobia.” All things considered, though, all this concern among people who bet on Olympic Games over LA’s hosting Olympic Games betting odds may not even be warranted. After all, if one crazed, power-hungry megalomaniac did not prevent the 1936 Olympics from taking place in Berlin, why would another crazed, power-hungry megalomaniac prevent the 2024 Olympics from taking place in LA.

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