Olympic Betting News for Fans of the Gymnastic

Great Olympic Betting News for Fans of the Gymnastic Events

November 8th, 2018 Olympic Games

Simone Biles has to be excited about the Olympic betting news that is circulating the wire. Biles is coming off a breathtaking performance down in Rio de Janeiro that saw her win four Olympic Gold medals for the States. And now that the venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic gymnastics events has moved one step forward towards completion, Biles can begin to eye up the next place she will be dominating at.

Ariake Gymnastics Centre

The venue, known as Ariake Gymnastics Centre, had its center section of its gargantuan timber roof raised Wednesday. Interestingly enough, builders are aiming to make the centre more capable of hosting an Olympic event while not straying away from the traditional Japanese construction methods that give their architecture so much panache. As of right now, the venue is halfway through its completion and should be ready to go come November of 2019, right in time for the Olympic betting action..

Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline at the Olympics

Ultimately online sportsbook betting fans will see the venue host rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline at the Olympics. On top of that, it will also be hosting the boccia segment of the Paralympics. To accommodate, the arena will contain a 120 meter long and 90 meter wide bowed timber roof, making it the largest on the planet of that type. When we said it’s gargantuan we weren’t kidding – seeing as how it’s composed of 5 sections each weighing 200 tons.

Raising of the Structure

The first of these 200 ton segments was installed on September 28th of this year. The process to raise the second center piece to  the required height of 30 meters began early Wednesday morning. Each section measures roughly 70 meters in width and about 14 ½ meters in length. On top of that, the sections are made up of Japanese larch wood from Hokkaido and Nagano prefectures, giving it that cultural look. Ultimately it took close to five hours to install, but there’s no question it was well worth the effort.

“Japan’s wood culture will be communicated through the venue,” architect Hidemichi Takahashi told the media via an interpreter. “By using wood instead of steel, the weight of the roof is cut in half.” Takahashi also added that the venue will feature timber seating in order “to give fans the feel of the warmth of the wood.”

Traditionally speaking, wood has played a major role in Japanese housing, religious shrines and temples. Although construction is estimated to cost around ¥20.5 billion, there’s no denying that a classical Japanese look will be achieved.

As aforementioned, all wood used in the construction is of Japanese origin, although there has been some controversy and disputes about the exact origin of said wood.

“We wanted to make the building as simple as possible,” Takahashi, who is the architect general manager of Nikken Sekkei Ltd., continued to tell the sports betting media.  “We want to capitalize on the strength of wood as much as possible… Construction can be made more efficient by using wood.”

Ultimately this venue will be able to sit a multitude of Olympic betting fans in what is appearing to be a rather luxurious fashion. At the end of the day, US fans can expect Biles to come in and raise the roof even further.

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