A Super Bowl in New York Would Help the Bookmaker

February 14th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Super Bowls are normally held in warm weather sites like Florida or California but it sure wouldn’t bother the bookmaker if the game was held in New York. It is possible that the 2014 Super Bowl could be held at the new Meadowlands stadium.  Anytime a big event is held in New York it can help the Internet bookmaker.

Bookmaker odds on the Super Bowl are the most popular of any sports betting odds all season.  If the game is in New York it would be wildly popular even though it is a cold weather site. And if you don’t think that the NFL could choose a cold weather site for the Super Bowl you might want to think again.  The bid by New York to get the 2014 Super Bowl is supported by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The new Meadowlands Stadium will seat 82,500 fans and the stadium will have heated concourses. “One thing we know how to do in New York and New Jersey is deal with snow,” Jets owner Woody Johnson said.  Both the Jets and the Giants are working together putting together the bid for the 2014 Super Bowl.  Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Giants quarterback Eli Manning were part of the support team.

The bookmaker will not have to wait long before the NFL makes a decision on the bid.  Team owners will vote on May 25th on the site for the 2014 Super Bowl.  The other two cities in the running are Tampa and Miami but both of those sites have hosted Super Bowls in the past couple of years.   Dallas has the Super Bowl this year while Indianapolis has it in 2012. “Sports fans and especially football fans are not intimidated by weather,” said Meadowlands Stadium Company CEO Mark Lamping. Giants quarterback Eli Manning was all in favor of the game in New York. “It gets back to playing football, it’s old school,” said Manning.  Lamping said that New York would use different venues for events leading up to the Super Bowl including Liberty State Park.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has a lot of influence and if he wants the game to be in New York then it is very likely the 2014 Super Bowl will be at the new Meadowlands Stadium and that wouldn’t hurt the feelings of the Internet bookmaker at all.