Online Bookmaker – Hawkins Finally Fired at Colorado

February 14th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Maybe there is hope for the Colorado football team against the odds at the online bookmaker now that head coach Dan Hawkins is gone. The Buffaloes have been terrible under Hawkins and finally the university pulled the plug.  Colorado has been a team you don’t want to take against the offshore betting odds at SBG, in large part because Hawkins was the coach.

The Hawkins Mess
Do you remember when Dan Hawkins was hired by Colorado over four years ago?  He came from Boise State and everyone thought he would do big things at Colorado.  They were sadly mistaken. Hawkins turned Colorado from a respectable team in offshore betting into a disaster.  He lost every single season at Colorado. His teams have lost 12 straight conference games on the road. They are 2-17 in non-conference road games.  His teams have lost 17 straight games outside the state of Colorado. His team is 20 games under .500 with him as the head coach. Should we go on?

Way Overdue
Hawkins should have been fired long ago.  Athletic Director Mike Bohn doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on.  He was actually optimistic about this season.  It finally hit him in the face on Saturday when Colorado collapsed against Kansas, blowing a huge lead.  Hawkins is the first football coach in Big 12 history to be fired during the season.  He never should have started the season as the coach.  Colorado has done nothing but lose under his leadership. They were 3-9 last season and Hawkins had no business coming back.  Colorado got what they deserve as they let him continue this season.

Saturday’s Loss was Inexcusable
Hawkins is a rotten football coach and finally the people at Colorado got the message. It took the biggest collapse in team history to do it though.  Colorado led Kansas by 28 points in the fourth quarter last week.  Hawkins was throwing the ball in the fourth quarter instead of running out the clock. People have said he was trying to get his son, Cody, the school’s all-time passing record. Hawkins gave a lame excuse about mixing it up but it was obvious what was going on. Cody Hawkins is not a good quarterback anyway and was only starting because his dad was the head coach.  Colorado is still not a team to take against the odds at the online bookmaker and it may be sometime before they recover from the mess that Dan Hawkins created.