Online Bookie NFL Teasers at SBG Global

February 15th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Online bookie NFL teasers get more attention than any other type of teasers because the NFL is the most popular betting sport. It used to be that when someone thought of a teaser they thought of it being a bad bet because the online bookmaker had such a big advantage. That is not always the case, particularly with the NFL teaser.

Online bookie NFL teasers allow gamblers to move the line one way or the other by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. You may occasionally run across places that put out 10 point teasers but those are rare and have poor online bookmaker payoff odds. You can choose anywhere from 2 to 12 teams on your teaser and the payoffs increase for each additional team you add to the teaser at the online bookie. The NFL teaser bet at the online bookie has become more popular in recent years because the NFL is so ultra-competitive. Why is that important? When betting a teaser at an online bookie you want games that are competitive because that means they are close. When you have close games, teasers win at the online bookie. Blowouts are bad for teasers but competitive games are good for online bookie teasers.

Usually when it comes to online bookmaker NFL odds the sportsbooks have a pretty good idea of what the line should be. Most of the time the games stay pretty near the pointspread and that is a great thing for teasers. For example, let’s say you have a rivalry game like the Cowboys and Redskins. Dallas is a 3 point road favorite at Washington in online bookie odds. If you tease the Cowboys you can get Dallas at +3.5 or +4 and if you tease the Redskins you can get up to +10. Now if either team wins by a field goal you get paid and if Dallas wins by less than 10 you get paid.

Some professional bettors will actually play a two-team teaser with an online bookie. With those online bookmaker teasers you are laying $110 or $120 for every $100 you want to win. With games so competitive, the pro gambler will look for two games and key in on those two for a great two team teaser at the online bookie. The professionals are playing more teasers in the NFL because of the parity and because the games are so competitive, especially rivalry games. You may also see some bettors play both sides of a game on a teaser.

Teasers are exciting wagers in NFL betting at an online bookie.  Open an Account and start your online bookie action at SBG Global!