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February 22nd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Offshore bookmaker hockey odds give you a couple of different choices. You can wager on the money line and lay or receive money or you can lay or receive the goal and a half in online betting offshore action.  Let’s look at both of these online bookmaker odds. Offshore bookmaker money lines for hockey are just like what you would see in baseball. Here is an example you might see at an online betting offshore site:

Chicago Blackhawks   +160
Detroit Red Wings     -180 5.5 under -130

You are risking $180 for every $100 dollars you want to win on Detroit, while you are getting $160 dollars for every $100 you put up on Chicago. There is no pointspread involved and you are only asking your team to win the game in online betting offshore action. The total of 5.5 under -130 is for the amount of goals scored in the game. If you like the under you risk $130 for every $100 you want to win. If you like the over you get +110 for every $100 dollars you put up against the offshore bookmaker odds.

The other main option for offshore bookmaker hockey odds is the 1.5 goal line.  You either lay the 1.5 goals or get 1.5 goals. It is like the offshore bookmaker run line in baseball. In the previous example if you liked Detroit you might be laying the 1.5 goals and laying -120 while if you liked Chicago you would get +1.5 goals at even money in internet bookmaker odds.

Internet bookmaker hockey odds are pretty easy to understand and the handicapping that goes along with them is very similar to other sports. You still look at home and away statistics, matchups, head to head data, and line value. You might be able to spot a few weaknesses in the offshore bookmaker line because hockey is not followed closely by that many people and sportsbooks really but very little emphasis on offshore bookmaker lines.

Hockey gambling at online betting offshore sites is definitely well off the radar screen for most people including the online bookmaker. That may be to your benefit as you look at hockey odds this season.

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