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February 24th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Online bookie odds on NFL and college football are among the most popular types of sports betting odds. Which types of online bookmaking odds do you like best, NFL or college football? Even though both types of online betting lines look the same they should not be handicapped the same and you should not expect to have the same success in one that you have in the other.

Online betting college football odds show a lot more games than NFL odds. College football has well over 100 Division 1-A teams that are included on the regular online bookie betting board compared to just 32 teams in pro football. College football is also a much more emotional game than NFL football and has anywhere from eleven to twelve regular season games per team compared to the sixteen that each NFL team plays after the preseason. That means a lot more action during the college football regular season than what you will find in the NFL because there are more games at the online bookie. More action means more potential for profit at the online bookie, but also more potential for suffering losses.

The college football regular season is definitely more intense than is the case in the NFL as national championship contenders can be knocked out with just one loss while a Super Bowl champion can lose several times during a season and still be alive. This makes NFL gambling at an online betting a little bit different than college football gambling. There is a far greater talent discrepancy between college football teams than could ever be the case in the NFL. You might see an online bookie line of 30 points or more in college but rarely will you ever see an online bookmaking line more than 14 points in the NFL. For example, it is not uncommon at all for there to be several games in a college football week to have an online bookmaking line in which a team is favored by at least twenty points, and sometimes as high as thirty, forty, or even more. In pro football, any online bookie line over ten is really considered pretty large and any online bookmaking line at fourteen or over is pretty rare.

NFL and college football gambling at an online bookie may look the same but they are not. Understand the differences and if necessary choose one or the other as you make your wagers at an online bookie this season.

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