Braden Dazzles the Bookmaker with a Perfect Game

February 24th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Braden Dazzles the Bookmaker with a Perfect Game. The Rays have been one of the best teams in baseball vs. the odds at the online bookmaker so it was not an easy task for Braden to throw a perfect game.Bookmaker odds have not always favored Braden in his career.  In fact, the Oakland A’s left-hander has a career record of 18-23.  His ERA is well over four for his career. He is very young though and the future could be bright for the Oakland A’s pitcher. He was not highly recruited as the A’s picked him in the 24th-round of the 2004 Draft.

The perfect game for Braden was the first in baseball since Mark Buerhle did it for the White Sox last year, also against the Rays.  It is the second no-hitter this season as Ubaldo Jimenez didn’t allow a hit against the Braves on April 17th. It is the first perfect game for the A’s since Jim “Catfish” Hunter threw a perfect game against the Twins on May 8, 1968. It was the first no-hitter for the A’s since Dave Stewart no-hit the Blue Jays in 1990.  And it was the first no-hitter at Oakland Coliseum since the Orioles no-hit the A’s in 1991.

Braden now has a record of 4-2 and a 3.33 ERA this season after the perfect game. He threw 109 pitches in the win against Tampa Bay, 77 of which were strikes. It was only the third road loss of the season for the Rays. It was the third time the Rays have been no-hit in their history.

If you are considering betting on the A’s at the bookmaker the next time Braden is on the mound you may want to consider some recent history.  Last year after Buehrle threw his perfect game for the White Sox, he went 2-7 the rest of the season.  Braden has similar stuff to Buehrle since he is not overpowering.  Both pitchers rely upon good control and their off-speed pitches. Braden will be getting a lot more respect vs. the odds at the online bookmaker but caution should be advised as Braden is not overpowering and the A’s are just a .500 baseball team.