Bookmaker – Texas and USC Fall Out of Top 25

February 28th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

It has been 10 years since Texas has gotten so little respect at the bookmaker. The Longhorns have fallen out of the AP Top 25 for the first time in a decade and they are not the only big name team to fall. USC and Penn State also dropped out of the Top 25.  It may not get any better for those three teams in offshore betting at Sbgglobal in upcoming weeks.

The latest AP college football poll has Alabama at number one and Ohio State at number two.  Those two spots are unchanged but there was a big change at number three.  Oregon vaulted past Boise State into third place in the poll. The Ducks are now ahead of both Boise State and TCU in the AP poll.

Boise and TCU Need Help – You have heard all this talk about Boise and TCU possibly playing in the BCS title game. For that to happen they both need some serious help.  They would need Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon to lose at least once. They might need Alabama to lose twice considering how strong the Crimson Tide is in the polls.  Alabama probably won’t lose a game anyway so that would mean Boise and TCU would need Ohio State and Oregon to both lose at least once.  The Buckeyes look vulnerable but Oregon seems unstoppable. Boise State and TCU are not going to move up in the polls unless one of the top three teams loses.  Boise has a cupcake schedule with the only quality team remaining on their schedule being Nevada.  Boise won 59-0 over New Mexico State this week in offshore betting and dropped in the polls.

Rest of the Top 25 – The second ten in the AP poll begins with Oklahoma. They are followed by Nebraska, Auburn, Arizona and Utah. Arkansas is number 11 and they are followed by LSU, Miami, Florida and Iowa. Stanford was No. 16 and they are followed by Michigan State, Michigan, South Carolina and Wisconsin. Nevada is 21st followed by Oklahoma State, Florida State Missouri and Air Force.

Texas fell out of the Top 25 after being ranked for 162 consecutive weeks. That was the longest streak in the country.  The current longest streak now belongs to Ohio State how has been ranked in 90 straight poll appearances.
Penn State lost 24-3 at Iowa and fell out of the Top 25 for the first time since 2007.  It was long overdue as Penn State under Paterno is no longer a national power or respected at the bookmaker.  USC fell out of the top 25 after their loss against Washington.