More Bookmaker Soccer Odds as MLS Expands

March 1st, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The bookmaker will have more odds to make on Major League Soccer teams as the league is expanding by two teams next year and in 2012 they will add their 19th team. Offshore betting is widely popular on soccer but mainly on other leagues.  The MLS does get some attention because they have teams in New York and Los Angeles and some of their games are on ESPN 2.

Bookmaker odds list 16 teams in the MLS in 2010.  Next year the league will add teams in Portland and in Vancouver.  In 2012 they will expand to Montreal.  The team announced for Montreal in 2012 will play mainly at Saputo Stadium.  That stadium is undergoing a renovation and will hold 20,000 for soccer.  There will also be some games at Olympic Stadium. That is where the Expos played from 1977 to 2004.

The Montreal team will be named the Impact and be on the bookmaker odds board in 2012.  MLS commissioner Don Garber said that the addition of the Montreal team will be huge for soccer in Canada.  The Montreal team will be the third Canadian team. Toronto FC joined the league in 2007 and the Vancouver Whitecaps will join next season and be on the offshore betting soccer odds board. “This is a historic moment for Major League Soccer,” Garber said, “We’re getting to that point where we are almost fully expanded.”

Canada has really been known only for hockey in terms of sports betting odds at the bookmaker.  With the country having three MLS teams it is possible that they will start to get some attention in soccer. “It is also a pivotal moment for soccer in Canada.” Garber said, “By 2012 we will have teams in the West with Vancouver. We will have teams in Ontario and Quebec with Toronto and Montreal. That’s going to provide, I think, an opportunity for great regional rivalries, hopefully a better national team in Canada – that would be great for fans both here and throughout that country.”

The MLS is hoping that a rivalry will be born between the Canadian teams.  The three cities already play in the Nutrilite Championship with the winner getting a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League. “We are beginning to see that (rivalry) in Toronto and Montreal with the Nutrilite Championship. I think you are going to see it at least four times a year in regular season games.” Garber said. The MLS is expected to add another team before 2012 which would bring the league to a total of 20 teams in soccer odds at the bookmaker.