Online Bookmaker – Cowboys Drop to 1-5 and Lose Romo

March 4th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The Dallas Cowboys lost another game against the online bookmaker odds as they fell on Monday night to the New York Giants. Not only did the Cowboys lose the game to fall to 1-5, they lost starting quarterback Tony Romo to a fractured left clavicle.  The Cowboys are pretty much done at 1-5 and now they will have to cover the offshore betting odds with a backup quarterback.

Romo out 4-8 Weeks
The best case scenario for the Cowboys is that Romo returns in a month.  That is an extremely optimistic view.  The more realistic scenario has Romo coming back in six to eight weeks. There are only 10 more weeks left so there is also a possibility that Romo is done for the season. The Cowboys are going nowhere so they may not want to risk Romo in meaningless games late in the season.

No Playoffs for Dallas
Only one team in NFL history has started 1-5 and still made the playoffs. It seems very unlikely that Dallas will become the second. They play in a tough division and now they will have to win with backup quarterback Jon Kitna. Dallas had problems before Romo was hurt but now things seem much worse.  Before Romo got hurt in Monday’s game the Cowboys were leading 10-7 and things looked pretty good.  The Cowboys did nothing on offense after he left and the Giants outscored the Cowboys 31-10 and led 38-20 before Dallas made it close at the end thanks to New York turnovers.

Jon Kitna
The Cowboys backup quarterback is 38-year old Jon Kitna.  Dallas was really not worried about their backup quarterback position because Romo took every snap last season.  Romo had not missed a game since 2008. Kitna had not taken a regular season snap since October of 2008 when he was with Detroit. Kitna is a veteran quarterback who can still play a little bit but he is not Romo and the Cowboys offense will suffer.  The positive for the Cowboys and for gamblers who are looking to consider Dallas at the online bookmaker is that nothing is expected of Dallas now. The Cowboys were overvalued and overrated before.  Perhaps now they will be a little undervalued and they might actually be worth a bet in offshore betting at Sbgglobal.