Bookmaker – Boise State Gains on TCU in BCS Standings

March 7th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookmaker – Boise State Gains on TCU in BCS Standings. Boise State got a big win against the odds at the bookmaker and they gained in the BCS standings against TCU. The Broncos are going to pass TCU in the standings if they win their final two games against Nevada and Utah State because TCU has just a game against New Mexico remaining.  Boise State has a huge game on Friday against Nevada and they are favored by two touchdowns at the online bookmaker.

Top 10 BCS Standings
1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boise State
5. LSU
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan State

Boise State won big this past week against the bookmaker odds as they routed Fresno State 51-0 on Friday.  Boise State is ahead of TCU in the polls and they are going to move ahead of the Horned Frogs in the BCS standings if they keep winning.  A win against Nevada on Friday is going to do it because the Wolf Pack is ranked 19th in the standings.  Boise State will be poised to play in the BCS title game if either Auburn or Oregon loses a game.  Friday is a huge day at the Sbg sportsbook since Oregon plays Arizona while Auburn plays Alabama.  Auburn also has South Carolina in the SEC championship game while Oregon finishes at Oregon State.

The BCS standings are important in the Big 10 because if the title comes down to a three-team tiebreaker then the highest rated team in the BCS standings will go to the Rose Bowl.  And that team looks to be Wisconsin as the Badgers are 7th and have a good lead over Ohio State who is 8th and Michigan State who is 10th.  The schedule also favors the Badgers at the bookmaker. They host Northwestern in their regular season finale and that looks to be an easy win against odds at the online bookmaker. Ohio State faces Michigan and that might be an interesting game while Michigan State finishes up at Penn State.

The Rest of the BCS Standings
11. Alabama
12. Arkansas
13. Oklahoma
14. Missouri
15. Nebraska
16. Virginia Tech
17. Texas A&M
18. South Carolina
19. Nevada
20. Utah
21. Arizona
22. Florida State
23. North Carolina State
24. Iowa
25. Mississippi State