Bookie NFL Lines at SBG Global

March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie NFL lines are not always made like you think they are. There are several different components that go into the final bookie numbers.  Online bookmaking odds for the NFL are amazing to consider because they are not made the same way as other odds.

Bookie NFL odds have as much to do with perception and need as they do with reality. The different bookie lines will fit the different needs of gamblers, depending on what their own individual criteria is. The first thing to remember is that the bookie lines are not based on pure merit. Instead the bookie lines are based on the perceptions of the gambling public and how they are likely to view the matchup.

Taking public perception to the next level there are “public” teams in pro football that the masses tend to gravitate towards with their gambling dollars, such as the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. These teams will often, as a result, be over-priced on the bookie board, particularly when they are at home or against less attractive but yet capable teams.

Star power is another component that goes into the NFL bookie lines. Players such as Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and others all bring that star element and name recognition to the table but, along with that, an occasional loss of bookie board value.

Recent performance is yet another example of what goes into the NFL bookie lines as the public will often over-react to what occurred last week, particularly if the results were extreme in nature.  Gamblers that wager at online bookmaking sites almost always look to what happened last week or last year and overreact.  It is natural to do at online bookmaking sites, but it is not always wise.

Team reputations such as well respected offenses and defenses, or vice versa, also have a strong affect on the NFL online bookmaking betting lines. Reputation vs. reality is how to split the bookie lines and get value as you bet NFL action this season.

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