Arenas Could Impact Offshore Betting Odds Next Season

March 9th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Arenas Could Impact Offshore Betting Odds Next Season. The star guard avoided jail time on Friday as he was sentenced to spend 30 days in a halfway house for his conviction on gun charges. The bookmaker would have to give the Wizards more respect next season if Arenas was in the starting lineup.

Offshore betting results on the Wizards indicate a lot of losses for them this season.  Washington has simply not been very good without Arenas.  He is a very good scorer who can impact a game.  It was expected that Arenas would get jail time for his conviction but on Friday District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin sentenced Arenas to only time in a halfway house, 400 hours of community service and  which cannot be conducted at basketball clinics, and a $5,000 fine.

Arenas got into trouble when he brought guns to the Washington locker room. He was suspended by the league in January for the rest of the season and his loss hurt the Wizards vs. the sports betting line. Javaris Crittenton was also suspended. “The evidence is that both of you felt disrespected,” Morin said when sentencing Arenas, “Rather than acting like mature adults, you escalated the incident.”  Arenas was expected to get three months in jail as that is what prosecutors recommended. The lawyers for Arenas were looking for probation and community service.  The judge seemed to side with Arenas.

Washington is paying Arenas a lot of money and it will be interesting to see whether or not they try and get out of the contract. Arenas is in the midst of a six-year, $111 million deal. The Wizards have not had a good season vs. bookmaker odds as they are going to finish last in their division for the second straight season. They are happy to be the Arenas situation behind them. “We believe today’s sentencing of Gilbert Arenas can help bring closure to the unfortunate situation that has played out over the last three months,” the Wizards said in a statement, “Gilbert has admitted his mistakes and will now pay his debt to our community. We are confident that he has learned something significant from the experience and we now look forward to moving on and focusing on building this team into the contender that our outstanding fans deserve.”