Stoke City vs. Manchester United Betting Preview for Tuesday Afternoon

November 15th, 2019 Football Soccer, Offshore Betting

As the 2015-16 Euro soccer season rolls on, we have an interesting match between the Potters of Stoke City playing the Red Devils of Manchester United in this EPL in the League round 24. Presently the Manchester United is ranked 5th in the EPL with 36 points, while Stoke City is ranked at 9th with 32 points to date. The game is being played at Old Trafford in Manchester, United Kingdom at 3 PM ET.

So if you Bet on Soccer at an Offshore sportsbook then you know the Potters of Stoke City lost their last match to Leicester 3-0 and also lost to Southampton, but in this match-up it’s likely that the Red Devils will win. The Red Devils have a good team but their Manager Van Gaal prefers the defensive efforts in the soccer games. That could change, and if it does Manchester United and its stars should over power the Potters.

The Red Devils of Manchester United in their ultimate 13 games have only had 3 wins and a result of that they have dropped out of the top 4 in the EPL and also lost out of the League Cup and the Champions League in that losing streak.

That loss streak and the fact that in the ultimate 6 games they had not had a victory, it turns out to be their worst record within a single season since back in 1998 in December, and believe it or not in that same year they won the EPL Title.

Those loss streaks and the record is what has stacked up the pressure on V. Gaal and that speculation that the ex-Chelsea manager J. Mourinho would take over the Red Devils and that has brought up the heat for the team and Van Gaal. Van Gaal stays with his goal and that is to win the EPL Title this season, since just 4 weeks ago they were 1st in the EPL and he plans on taking his team back to the top again.

On the other side the Potters of Stoke City had 5 wins in their 7 League games recently, but then in their ultimate 4 games they have only tasted victory 1 time, and that 1 win was a impressive win over the Red Devils of Manchester City at home. Thus the team of Coach M. Hughes has dropped to 11th ranking in the EPL but with only 6 points between them and the 5th place Manchester United.

In this game the Potters hope their leading league scorer from the 2 teams in M. Arnautovic with 5 goals and therefore they feel they can upset the Red Devils again in this very important EPL game, as Arnautovic recognized this is a big game for his team. He also said if they play like they against West Ham and Crystal Palace last week, and score some goals then he thinks his Stoke City can win the game and the 3 points moving them back up the League latter somewhat.

For the Potters their B. Schweinsteiger is suspended for this game, while the Red Devils will be without M. Darmian and J. Lingard although the Coach things their defender Darmian could be back for their next game.

The online wagering prediction for this game EPL game is that the Red Devils who have struggled lately playing the Potters who also have struggled recently, but the Devils prevail and win the match.

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