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March 9th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Betting offshore sports odds are interesting to consider and to wager against.  When the offshore bookmaker sets up the odds on a game he takes many factors into account but the perception of the general public is the most important of all.  No matter how much stronger a team is in a matchup if most of the public is going to bet on the lesser, but more popular team, the offshore bookmaker will adjust the line accordingly.

Betting offshore odds are not as easy to understand as you might think.  There are games that look easy to win but are not and games that look tough but are really easy when betting offshore. Sportsbooks that cater to the professional gambler that is betting offshore will sometimes have a more accurate line on each game as they have considerably more respect for the pros than the public. The marquee teams, more often than not, offer very poor value with the odds posted on them from the offshore bookmaker and yet still attract considerable action and money from the public.  The wise guys take advantage of the bargains on the opponents of such marquee teams. That is often what separates winners from losers when betting offshore. The wise guys recognize that marquee teams attract a heftier price while the public will play the big name teams regardless of the price when betting offshore.

If you are new to betting offshore and are looking at a sports betting line on a particular game, keep in mind what the likely general public perception will be and be prepared to go against it and know that if you do, you will likely be getting a much better value and better odds from the offshore bookmaker. There is no doubt that offshore betting has reached great heights in the last decade or so. Offshore betting sites offer better odds and incentives than you will find in Las Vegas or with any local bookie. As you look to bet get involved in offshore betting this season you should definitely consider opening an online sportsbook account. There is no doubt that the advantages are many and that you will benefit greatly from the conveniences and the better odds you will find at offshore betting sportsbooks.

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