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March 14th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Betting offshore odds will vary depending upon the game you choose to play. When you look online betting offshore action, whether it is casino games or sports gambling, you need to understand what it is you are up against. Betting online is very fun, entertaining, and it can be profitable but you should be aware that some bets are better than others.

Betting online includes a lot of different options. Let’s look at the choices you have for online betting offshore action and the corresponding gambling edges that the house enjoys. Let’s start with the best betting online games and continue down through the worst.

The best game for betting online is baccarat.  It has the lowest house edge and offers the player the best odds.  The edge for the house on the banker’s hand is just 1.17% while the player’s hand is 1.36%.  Don’t play the tie when betting online because the house edge is 9.5%.

Blackjack is another good choice for online betting online action.  The edge for the house is 2% or less if the player is playing perfect strategy.  The problem for most players is that they don’t play perfectly and then the house edge goes up to 10% or more.

Another excellent choice for value in online betting offshore games is craps.  The house edge for the pass/don’t pass line is 1.41%.  It can be reduced even further if you take full odds.  Again, the problem is that many players start playing other bets like the field, hard ways, etc when betting offshore and then house advantage goes up.

Roulette is fun to play when betting offshore but the house edge is pretty solid at 5.26% with a wheel that has zero and double zero.

Sports betting is another option when betting offshore.  The house edge is about 4.5% but goes up when gamblers play parlays and teasers.

Some of the games that are fun when betting offshore but offer poor values are horse racing, slots and keno.  The house edge for horse racing is about 19% when betting offshore.  The edge for slots ranges from 2% to 35% while keno is about 30%.

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