Are the Seahawks still worth your Bet on NFL Futures?

October 10th, 2019 NFL Football, Offshore Betting

If you were looking to bet on NFL futures within the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks seemed like the way to go. While picking the Seahawks may have seemed like the safest and most logical prediction to make within the West, things haven’t exactly panned out that way. The Seahawks had a perfect opportunity in Week 2 to take the lead in the division by beating the Los Angeles Rams.

Mind you, the Rams had just come off a loss the 49ers and put up such a poor offensive showing that Herm Edwards, former NFL coach turned ESPN analyst, actually stated that Los Angeles had set back offensive football 50 years. Yet somehow, after a pitifully embarrassing performance against San Fran, the Rams were able to upset the Seahawks 9-3. With that loss the Seahawks lost their position as the frontrunners in the West and, to everybody’s surprise, the Rams took the #1 spot. But there’s still a lot of football to be played, and despite the fact that Los Angeles leads the division, the top sportsbooks think that the Seahawk’s will be able to bounce back. Take a look.

Odds to Win NFC Championship 

Seattle Seahawks +375
Green Bay Packers +410
Minnesota Vikings +480
Los Angeles Rams +2950

Odds to Win Super Bowl LI 

Seattle Seahawks +750
New England Patriots +400
Green Bay Packers +900
Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Rams +4000

Even though the Seahawks’ have indubitably been struggling this year, the odds are still saying Seattle is worth your bet on NFL futures. Currently Seattle finds themselves at 3-1 and while they have a winning record, they haven’t been facing the toughest opposition. In Week 1 Seattle beat the Miami Dolphins – a team that had to wait until they faced the Cleveland Browns to get their first win of the season.

Following their Week 2 loss to the Rams, the Seahawks were able to bounce back against San Francisco, but again, the 49ers are not that great of a team (evident by the whooping the Cardinals gave them last Thursday night). Seattle’s third win of the season came against the New York Jets, so it’s safe to say that this team hasn’t really been put up to the test. The only team that gave the Seahawks a hard time was the Rams, and Seattle wasn’t able to win that one anyway.

So, with those things in mind, are the Seattle Seahawks actual Super Bowl Contenders? Or would it be a waste to pick Seattle for your bet on NFL Super Bowl predictions? If you were to look strictly at their defense then that answer would be a resounding yes. Right now Seattle’s defense ranks in the top 5 of the league for points, pass defense, and total defense. Their run defense isn’t much worse considering it ranks 6th in the NFL. Unfortunately for Seahawks’ fans, only their passing offense ranks in the top 10 of the NFL. Everything else ranks in the bottom half of the league, so unless they do what the Broncos did last season, the Seahawks likely won’t be competing in the Super Bowl.

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