Hockey Betting and NHL Betting Lines

Red Wings versus Bruins Offshore Sports Betting Rematch

Red Wings versus Bruins odds Tuesday, January 24thThe Boston Bruins will not only offer fans a chance to do a little offshore sports betting on Tuesday, January 24th, but also have an opportunity themselves to exact a measure of revenge on the Detroit Red Wings, who beat them less than a week ago. The NHL betting lines will be posted in short order at SBG online sportsbook.

Red Wings versus Sabres Offshore Sports Betting Action

the Detroit Red Wings at Buffalo Sabres game on Friday, January 20th OddsLooking to get your offshore sports betting on? Try the Detroit Red Wings at Buffalo Sabres game on Friday, January 20th at KeyBank Center. NHL betting lines coming up soon from SBG Global sportsbook.

Chicago Hawks at Boston Bruins Offshore Online Gambling

Chicago Hawks vs. Boston Bruins Odds Chicago Hawks at Boston Bruins Get your fix of offshore online gambling at SBG sportsbook with the Chicago Blackhawks at Boston Bruins game on Friday, January 20th at the TD Garden. NHL betting lines appearing shortly.

Dallas Stars versus NY Islanders Online Sports Betting

Dallas Stars vs. NY Islanders NHL OddsThe Dallas Stars visit the New York Islanders for a chance to do a little online sports betting on Thursday, January 19th. The NHL betting lines will be coming up very soon here at SBG Global sportsbook.

Devils Are Red Hot, Chicago is Ice Cold

Chicago Blackhawks vs. New-Jersey-Devils betting previewThe Chicago Blackhawks opened the season with the best odds to win the Stanley Cup in the 2016-17 season. When putting these odds together, the top sportsbooks took into account just how well Chicago had been playing over the last couple of years. The Blackhawks had been setting the precedent for what a model team should look like in the NHL. Chicago had enough speed to skate circles around their opponents, and enough strength to dominate possession time, and with those two skills the Blackhawks would generate endless scoring opportunities. But now, two weeks into the NHL season, the Blackhawks have 7 games under their belt. And from what we’ve seen, this Blackhawk team has little resemblance to their recent teams.

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