What does Betting on Hockey’s Grand Salami Really Mean?

September 26th, 2017 NHL Hockey

Hockey Grand Salami really mean in the betting industryAre you betting on hockey and do not know what a Grand Salami is? There is no need to be ashamed of that. According to the last poll, 95% of new bettors admit to not knowing that either (disclaimer: poll and results may be imaginary). But with the NHL playoffs in full swing, it might literally pay off to become acquainted with this particular term. Basically, a Grand Salami is betting on the over/under total of goals in every hockey game played in a single day. That is that there is to it. Such sites as SBG Global sportsbook will include a Grand Salami option of total amount of away goals and home goals in a night’s action.
Ergo, the Grand Salami is like the Whole Enchilada. For some, betting on hockey’s Grand Salami is the only way bet NHL totals because all game have an ‘over/under’ of five, 5.5 or six goals almost by default. Thus, you can multiply the number of games by one of those two numbers to see how a Grand Salami total is determined. While the NHL Grand Salami bet simple, it does entail a strategy. Odds-makers know which teams are high and low scorers which, when they are playing, could be the difference of a goal or two on the Grand Salami.
One thing to pay attention to is whether any teams involved in a Grand Salami are playing on a back-to-back or a 3-games-in-5-nights type of run. These teams would be more likely to be tired and as a result a bit more lax defense-wise. Moreover, the second of back-to-backs or the final games of long road trips are when NHL coaches are more likely give their starting goaltender a night off. Another thing to take into account is the ‘over/under’ records of teams before betting on hockey’s Grand Salami. For instance, which team that leads the league on the over/under at home during the regular season, or which team is the worst in the league at home in terms of ‘over/under.’
In the NHL playoffs, the Grand Salami totals will almost always be lower than for an equal quantity of games in the regular season because it is widely known that teams play much more D in the post season than in the regular season. Furthermore, teams will focus more on an opposing team’s stars, and the top goalkeepers never get a night off. That is, in a nutshell, what the Grand Salami is all about. And remember that you can bet on the aforementioned Magnificent Cured Sausage right here at SBG Global Sportsbook, where the road to the Stanley Cup Finals starts.

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