Teams to Avoid in NHL Betting

As we approach the quarter pole in NHL betting there are some teams that you really have to be careful about taking when you make an NHL bet. There are some teams that are really struggling and you want to avoid them for now when you make your wagers at Sbg global.  Let’s take a look at those teams.

New Jersey Devils
The Devils are simply unplayable right now. Their leading scorer Zach Parise is out, goaltender Martin Brodeur is banged up and New Jersey has been one of the worst teams in hockey this season.  It is a huge shock because last year the Devils were one of the best teams.  Nothing has gone right for New Jersey this season. Brodeur is a future Hall of Fame goaltender but he is old and not what he once was.  And now with Parise out the Devils are having major goal scoring trouble.

Buffalo Sabres
As much of a mystery to gamblers as New Jersey, is the Buffalo Sabres.  The Sabres have just been a disaster.  If ownership didn’t love head coach Lindy Ruff so much he probably would have already been fired.  The Sabres have just been sickening. They haven’t even won a game yet a home going 0-6-1.  And last year the Sabres were great at home and overall they were one of the top teams in hockey.  Until they turn things around this season they are simply a team you can’t take.

New York Islanders
Not much has changed for the Islanders. They are still not a good team.  They are giving up way too many goals per game.  The Islanders can still come up with an upset from time to time but you have to guess as to when that will be.  Guessing is tough so the Islanders are not a team you want to take in NHL betting.

Edmonton Oilers
The Oilers started off so well but they have slipped into being a rotten team again.  The team simply does not have enough offense to win on a consistent basis and their defense is rotten.  The Oilers can get some good goaltending at times from Nikolai Khabibulin but the team gives up too many shots per game for you to trust them when you make an NHL bet.


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