Stanley Cup Odds Race Goes Through Pittsburgh

The winner of the Stanley Cup odds action also deserves a bit of respect for climbing to the top and attaining the greatest single award in NHL wagering action.

Last year, when the Pittsburgh Penguins pulled off one the most exciting and unthinkable upsets in recent Stanley Cup betting action the sports betting world at large took notice and gave the proper respect for such an accomplishment.

As we get deeper into the 2010 Stanley Cup odds competition that respect is still there and there and the Pens have earned the benefit of the hockey betting doubt as the team is off to a good start defending its Stanley Cup betting title.

It might only be the second round of the Stanley Cup odds competition, but so long as the Penguins are still alive in the playoff hunt, NHL playoff betting fans have to assume that the road to the Stanley Cup still goes through the Steel City.

After avoiding the first round upset and getting past a very tough Ottawa Senators squad the Pens look on track to defending their 2009 Stanley Cup odds trophy –so long as they can get past a feisty Montreal Canadiens team that shocked the NHL playoff betting community by knocking off the top seeded Washington Capitals.

The Habs goalie, Jaroslav Halak has been the biggest story in the hockey playoff betting scene so far and has guarded his goal like a rat trap.

With the series tied 1-1 heading to Montreal some hockey odds makers have given the nod to the Canadiens in this series.  And if Halak can flawlessly for the rest of the series than perhaps that’s a valid prospective.

But the Penguins, having already hoisted the Stanley Cup odds trophy once, know what it takes mentally and physically and for that they have a huge advantage over their competitors in the hockey betting action.

Who knows how long this NHL playoff betting series will go on, and who knows which teams will meet up in the Stanley Cup Finals competition?  But one thing that does seem certain is that the Pens will defend their hockey betting title to the death and have earned the benefit of the doubt come hell or high water in the playoffs.