Goals Are Plenty in The 2010 Stanley Cup Betting

Goals Are Plenty in The 2010 Stanley Cup Betting. The brain trust of the NHL got together a few years ago after the disastrous lock out and cancelled season and tweaked the rules of the game in such a way that the goal scoring avalanche of the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action might take place.

The intent of the rule changes was to make hockey betting more interesting to the casual sports betting fan by increasing goal scoring opportunities.  Anyone that has caught any of the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action would have to agree that that this experiment has been a major success.

How else can you explain a 6-5 outburst in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup odds action?  Then in Game 5-7 to 4 offensive exhibitions?  The NHL’s goal was to get more goals scored in the course of the game and that has certainly happened throughout the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action so far.

Game 2 was the only matchup in the this hockey betting series that had the look and feel of a traditional NHL betting champions as it ended in a hard-fought 2-1 victory of for the Chicago Blackhawks.  But that has been the exception rather than the rule during the 2010 Stanley betting action.  Game 3 was another high scoring affair with the Flyers getting their first win in the NHL odds series 4-3.  The teams combined for even more goals in Game 5, another Flyers victory, 5-3.

With just five games of the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action in the bag the teams have already combined to score double-digit goals twice and with two more games left in the Stanley Cup finals wagering who knows how many more times the teams will combine for such a scoring feat.

For many hockey purists the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action has been offensive.  After all, hockey betting hasn’t traditionally been about high scores and double digit goal totals.  And there’s really no way to overlook the awful play in goal of both team’s goal tenders throughout this NHL betting series.

But there is also no way to argue that the high scoring games have helped to attract casual sports betting fans and raise the profile of NHL betting among sports fans.

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