Stanley Cup Betting – Dream on the Ropes for the Sabres

What has happened to the Sabres’ Stanley Cup betting dream? No one thought the Bruins would hold a 3-2 lead heading into Game 6 of this NHL playoff.

That’s exactly where this series is headed; and with Boston having home ice advantage in this crucial NHL betting matchup the Stanley Cup betting odds makers are not exactly favoring the Sabres right now.

It has only been a few weeks since the NHL regular season ended but the first five games of the NHL playoff betting must seem like an eternity for the struggling Sabres at the moment.

After all, Buffalo led the Northeast division for almost the entire NHL betting season and locked up the #3 seed in the race for the Stanley Cup betting competition with a 45-27-10 record (100 points).

But none of that has seemed to matter against a Boston Bruin team that most Stanley Cup odds makers didn’t expect to make it out of the first round of the NHL playoff betting.

But from the moment the puck was dropped in the first game of this Stanley Cup betting preliminary matchup the Bruins have imposed their will on the Sabres and bullied Buffalo around the ice.

This series quickly developed into the most physical series in the race for a spot in the Stanley Cup betting action –which is saying quite a lot considering the physical play in this year’s hockey betting playoff action- and the Bruins have been winning this battle.

But perhaps most disappointing for Buffalo fans; is the awful play of goalie Ryan Miller.  Miller, arguably the best keeper in NHL betting during the regular season and goalie on the US’ silver medal squad has been off his game the entire NHL playoff betting series.

He has got to tighten up if the Sabres have any hope taking a step closer to the Stanley Cup betting action.

Part of the fault lies with the Sabres defense which has been pushed around and put Miller in some tough spots.  Still for a player of Miller’s magnitude he must do a better job keeping the puck out of the net. Buffalo has had five games to adjust to the rough play of the Bruins and have failed to adapt.

If the fails to do so in Game 6 the Sabres’ Stanley Cup odds dream will be officially dead in the 2010 NHL playoff betting action.