Sharks – The Hockey Betting Favorite in NHL West Playoff Action

Sharks – The Hockey Betting Favorite in NHL West Playoff Action. The Western Conference of the NHL providing plenty of highlights and plenty of talented teams during the regular season hockey betting action. With each of the eight teams to reach the post season it seemed like it might be difficult to make a hockey bet as to which team would emerge from a tough NHL playoff betting competition to represent the conference in the Stanley Cup betting finals.

With the first round of the playoffs down the hatch and the conference semifinal hockey betting series well underway the San Jose Sharks have been head and shoulders above the competition so far in the West.

That’s no small feat considering the overall quality of the hockey betting field this year in the Western Conference playoff competition.  Of the eight teams that qualified for the playoff hockey betting action in the West six of the teams scored over 100 points in the regular season.

There was no easy out in this year’s Western Conference competition and the difficulty of handicapping these games created more than one headache for sports betting fans looking to make a hockey bet.

But through the fierce competition the Sharks have emerged as the hockey odds favorite to not only reach the conference finals but to go on and represent the West in the Stanley Cup betting finals as well.

After dispatching the #8 seed Colorado Avalanche with little problem in the opening round of the hockey betting playoffs the #1 seed Sharks are just a game away from burying the Detroit Red Wings’ playoff betting dreams as well.  Up 3-0 it would take a hockey betting miracle to keep the Sharks out of the conference final at this point.

Whichever team the Sharks face in the Western Conference final betting there is a very good chance that it will be a team on the ropes.  The Blackhawks and the Canucks are playing each other ragged in what looks like could turn into a seven games barn burner on the other side of the hockey betting bracket.

If the Sharks sweep they will be well rested and have a great advantage over either team they face.

The path is in place for the Sharks to waltz into the Stanley Cup betting finals and maybe even raise Sir Stanley’s Cup in 2010.