NHL Preseason Betting at SBG Global

NHL preseason betting is probably one of the least understood and least bet sports. How do we begin when making a bet on NHL preseason games? NHL betting begins with the odds. You have a basic money line where one team is favored over the other just as you might see in baseball. If you had Detroit playing Chicago you might have the Red Wings at -160 and the Blackhawks at +140 in NHL betting. These NHL preseason betting money lines are simple enough to understand. You are laying 1.6-1 on Detroit and getting 1.4 to 1 on Chicago. You can bet any amount within the limits set by the sportsbook at the corresponding ratios.

How do we make money in NHL betting? That is the tougher question. Some people look strictly at the NHL preseason betting schedule and look to go against teams on the road. The problem with doing that in NHL betting is that teams get days off and they have larger rosters. Rarely are teams tired in the preseason.

When you are looking to bet on NHL preseason action remember that having more information is always helpful. Streaks, as in other sports, play a part as well, even in NHL betting. It can be tough to turn around a losing streak when things are going poorly.

NHL preseason betting action may not get a lot of attention from the sportsbooks but that shouldn’t matter to you. If you want to gain an edge when you bet on NHL games then look at the team websites, read the hometown newspapers and get an idea of who is playing and who is not in each game on the NHL betting schedule. Backup goalies, young rookies and players fighting to make the squad will be getting time in the preseason and you can find out this information before you wager against the NHL preseason betting odds. The more information that is at your disposal, the better your chances of winning money in NHL betting will be.


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