NHL Preseason Betting and Handicapping at SBG Global

NHL preseason betting is similar in some respects to NFL, NBA and MLB preseason games. Not many starters play regular minutes and NHL betting action can be unpredictable. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money as you bet on NHL preseason action though.

NHL betting handicapping should begin similar to as it would in the regular season. Look at the head to head matchups in NHL betting. Some teams just have trouble with other teams in NHL preseason betting. Look at the NHL preseason betting schedule. The NHL betting schedule begins on September 20th and it concludes on October 6th. Technically the regular season begins on October 4th and 5th when the Penguins and Senators play in Sweden but the North American part of the schedule begins October 9th.

Also don’t forget as you bet on NHL action that you can still bet the total. NHL preseason betting games are exciting and totals are a great way to bet on NHL action. Usually most totals are right around the number 5.5. You will have to check with your sportsbook for totals since sometimes in the preseason they may not be available.

When looking at NHL betting, remember that it is just like the other sports in many areas. Statistics, trends, matchups, and value are all important to consider as you bet on NHL games. Statistics that you look at are goals for and goals against. Those can be broken down to home and away in NHL preseason betting. How each team does against each other is also important although preseason history is not as extensive as regular season history. Just as in other sports, injuries can play a part in your NHL preseason betting decision. If a couple of key players are missing it is difficult for NHL teams to overcome the loss of their stars. Streaks, as in other sports, play a part as well. Ride that hot team when you get the chance, especially when the team is hot at home. It is always a good idea to get on a team that is playing well.