NHL Playoffs Betting teams to watch in the East at SBG Global

NHL playoffs betting experts will certainly have their hands once the NHL betting post season rolls around this year. It has been decades since the competition has been so tight in the NHL Eastern Conference and NHL betting fans will have a buffet of great match ups to choose from. But the real question amid all the great match ups is which team will actually emerge from the NHL betting process as the top team in the Conference?

Hockey betting handicappers have never had it harder. Consider that among the top six teams in the NHL betting standing in the East (according to standings points) only six slender points separates them. Further, among the top nine teams in the East just ten points separates the top from the bottom -a scenario that has caused many a sleepless night for NHL betting analysts. With such a very tight race in the standings who will be the number one seed in the NHL playoffs betting?

Look for the Pittsburgh Penguins to assert their dominance in the closing weeks of the NHL betting season and put some distance between their competition in the run up to the NHL betting. The Penguins transformation over the past two years has been a thing to marvel at for NHL betting fans and there will be huge expectations for this team in the NHL playoffs betting after moderate success last season. Key to the whole endeavor is the play of young MVP Sydney Crosby, the best player you’ll see this season in NHL playoffs betting. However, the team proved that it can win without the young phenom and the Pens will be very tough to beat in the Eastern Conference NHL playoffs betting.

Other contenders in the East will be the Devils, Rangers, Senators and Canadians. All these teams seem capable of emerging from the NHL betting in the East and it should be tight battle among the top teams. Because these teams are from the same two divisions they’re likely to receive lower seeds in the NHL playoffs betting than they deserve and that could make things difficult.

But when the dust finally clears on the NHL playoffs betting in the east, look for the Pens to be crowned the NHL playoffs betting Eastern Conference champs.


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