NHL Betting on the Grand Salami at SBG Global

NHL betting can involve a variety of different hockey betting odds, with the most popular ones being puck lines and money lines. However, many NHL fans feel as though the most entertaining of the hockey betting odds are the grand salami lines, which allow one to wager on the total number of goals that will be scored on a given day. NHL on the grand salami adds excitement to every single game and should be handicapped by looking at each game individually.

NHL on the grand salami is quite unique, as sports like football, basketball, and baseball do not regularly offer a similar wager that involves every one of a day’s matchups. The grand salami actually offers hockey odds for two slightly different features of a day’s games.

The most common form of NHL on the grand salami involves NHL on an over/under line for all of the goals that will be scored in a day. In other words, a day with seven games will likely have a grand salami total line of about 39, and you will wager that either more or fewer than 39 total goals will be scored.

The grand salami, therefore, is very similar to a normal over/under NHL line, but the grand salami simply involves numerous games instead of just one. Many sportsbooks also offer grand salami hockey betting odds on whether home or away teams will score more goals. Generally, the home teams have a several point handicap, as home teams tend to play well in the NHL.

One obvious advantage of NHL on the grand salami is that it makes every single game on a given day interesting. If you only wager on the hockey betting odds of one game then you may find the other games boring, but the grand salami naturally ensures that every game’s action will be exciting.

The key to handicapping this NHL betting line successfully is simply looking at all of the individual games on a single day’s NHL betting board and summing your predicted goal total for each game. In other words, NHL betting enthusiasts should predict whether each game will go over or under its individual total line, and even consider final scores for each matchup.

If you predict that most of the day’s games will be well over their total, as established in the NHL betting line, then you will likely want to bet on the over with the grand salami. On the other hand, if the majority of a day’s games look to have very low final scores then it will be best to wager on the grand salami under.

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