Montreal’s Stanley Cup Betting Finals hopes are crumbling at SBG Global

July 19th, 2018 NHL Hockey

Stanley Cup betting finals are the biggest event in hockey on any given calendar year.

Simply reaching the hockey betting finals in the NHL is enough to keep a team’s hopes up for the entire up coming season. Just several weeks ago the Montreal Canadians seemed as though they had a lock on a Stanley Cup betting finals but now the team is fighting for its playoff life and the hockey betting finals seem a very distant thing indeed.

Stanley Cup betting finals fans have seen it happen all too often. A top seeded team in one conference dominates the regular season and looks to have a great chance of booking a spot in the Stanley Cup betting finals. However, once the post season rolls around the team collapses and watches it Stanley Cup betting hopes evaporate. Unless the Canadiens get their act together in a hurry that is exactly what will happen to their Stanley Cup betting finals hopes as well.

After eliminating the Boston Bruins without much trouble in the first round of the NHL playoffs it seemed as though all was going according to schedule for the Canadiens and their place in the Stanley Cup betting finals seemed on course. But then came the second round of the NHL playoffs and the upstart Philly Flyers who are intent upon derailing and Stanley Cup betting finals hopes. The Flyers shocked the world by winning the first game of the series in Montreal and made many hockey betting finals betting fans question their opinion of the Canadiens.

But the Flyers second win on the road over the heavily favored Canadiens made anyone looking at the Stanley Cup betting scene pause. Down 0-2 and heading to Philadelphia, the once might Montreal is now on the verge of a sweep -never mind the Stanley Cup betting finals illusions.

If Montreal does not win at least one game in Philly, the team can kiss its Stanley Cup betting finals dreams good bye. It’s hard enough to erase a 0-2 deficit, but on the road with a potential Stanley Cup betting finals birth at stake it’s all but impossible. Montreal all fans have every reason to be worried.

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