Islanders vs. Blue Jackets in Hockey Betting Thriller

Hockey betting fans around the world will have their pick of top NHL wagering matchups to play on Saturday March 27th.

But if you’re going to make a hockey bet this weekend make sure to consider the sports betting matchup between the NY Islanders and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

True, neither of these teams will be winning the Stanley Cup this year and neither team is likely even to make the hockey betting playoffs but sometimes these types of online betting matchups can be the most entertaining and the biggest bang for your sports betting buck.

The Islanders (29-34-10) are in the midst of yet another rotten NHL wagering season.  NY currently sits in last place in the Atlantic Division hockey betting standings and with just 68 points through 73 games the team has the 3rd worst record of all the NHL betting teams.

The Blue Jackets (39-32-12) are a perfect match for this team and that’s what makes this such an intriguing hockey bet.  Like the Islanders, Columbus also sits last in it’s hockey betting division.  Through 73 games the team has managed only 70 points won’t come anywhere near making the NHL post season betting competition.

These two teams are just about as evenly matched set of teams as you’ll find in hockey betting.  Just 2 points separates them in the online betting competition and that should make for a terrific matchup on Saturday in Columbus.

Blue Jackets will be the favorites in the hockey odds and with good reason.  The Blue Jackets are a decent home team (18-11-7) and get solid support from the locals.  The Islanders struggle when away from the G’Island (10-21-7) and will likely lose this hockey gambling matchup.

Neither of these teams is playing well at the moment and the two franchises have won only 7 of their last collective 20 games.  But when in doubt go with the team that has home ice advantage and in this case it looks like the Blue Jackets should come out on top of this hockey wagering showdown.