Hurricanes Aim for 2009 Stanley Cup Betting at SBG Global

July 19th, 2018 NHL Hockey

Stanley Cup betting and Carolina are not two things that are commonly associated with one another.

Much has changed in Stanley Cup odds betting over the years and the spread of the NHL to southern locations in the US is one of those changes. And as if proving how much the sport has changed over the years the fact that an NHL team from the Carolinas is competing for a spot in the Stanley Cup betting seems to sum it all up neatly.

Stanley Cup betting has traditionally been a northern, cold weather pursuit, but with the Hurricanes break out season, Stanley Cup odds seem to be a popular commodity in the Carolinas these days as well. But many Stanley Cup betting fans want to know just how legitimate is this team’s hopes of actually being featured in the 2009 Stanley Cup odds. Answer: not bad at all.

The Canes entered the Stanley Cup betting post season as one of the hottest teams in the NHL. Through the first two rounds of Stanley Cup betting they have shown that they’re still on a roll. Unfortunately for the Canes’ fans the team has to face and defeat the mighty Pens of Pittsburgh if they’re to host their first Stanley Cup odds game in Carolina. And that is a very tall task by any Stanley Cup betting standard –but not impossible.

If this team wants to host the Stanly Cup betting title, it must find a way to shut down the mighty attack of the Pens and somehow stop a resurgent Pittsburgh power play. However, this is no easy task as no team has been able to shut down Sid the Kid and his sidekick Malkin during this year’s race for the Stanley Cup betting. Pittsburgh has dominated the tempo of every playoff series so far and opponents are forced to dig in and withstand a 60-minute blitzing. Also, without the injured Tuomo Ruutu, the team’s Stanley Cup betting hopes are even more challenging. The Canes need every goal they can get in this Stanley Cup betting warm up with Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately for the Canes fans, this team doesn’t seem to have the defense to stop the Pens scoring juggernaut and that will likely been their downfall and the reason why they won’t be featured in the Stanley Cup betting.

The only chance Carolina has to stop Pittsburgh from going to its second straight Stanley Cup betting competition is to somehow out score the Pens in the counterattack but the Canes lack the personnel and Martin Fleury has been excellent in the net for Pittsburgh.

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