Hockey Preseason Odds at Online Sportsbooks at SBG Global

Hockey preseason odds are really only popular with hockey fans. Since hockey preseason betting odds are not that popular they also are not really made very well by the oddsmakers.

Since most people don’t bet them, oddsmakers don’t spend a lot of time on hockey preseason odds. Hockey preseason odds are just like regular season odds. They are based on a money line and are similar to what you might see in baseball. Here is a typical hockey preseason betting odds example:

Dallas Stars +125 5.5 under -130
Detroit Red Wings -145

All you need is your team to win, no point spread or goals are involved with hockey preseason odds. Online hockey preseason odds are very simple and you can do your handicapping just like you do with the other major sports. You have to treat online hockey preseason odds similar to MLB betting because it is a money line sport. You can’t just automatically take dogs because they look attractive and you can’t always be afraid to take favorites in hockey preseason betting odds. Sometimes teams get on streaks just like baseball and you ride the wins in hockey preseason odds.

There are going to be occasions when you see a situation that looks like a moneymaker in hockey preseason odds. It might be that a team like Ottawa or Detroit is at home against a team playing their rookies. It could be that you see a neutral site game where you have excellent information for the hockey preseason betting odds. You might have a situation where you know the starting goalie for one team is going to play and the backup is going for the other side. This is a good situation to consider in the preseason.

What you want to remember is that online hockey preseason odds give you a chance to make money. Don’t automatically throw out online hockey preseason odds because they are not as popular. You can still make money wagering on hockey preseason odds. Remember that hockey wins count just the same as wins in other sports when the bottom line is totaled up.