Hockey Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NHL Hockey

Hockey preseason betting is just like other preseason sports in that a number of backup players are to make the big team while many top players get limited time.

A good way to bet on hockey preseason action is to look at the organizations themselves in addition to the coaches, the goaltenders and the defensemen.

Hockey preseason betting should begin by looking at each team. Winning organizations such as the New Jersey Devils, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings, Colorado Avalanche, and others are a good place to start.

These teams are tough in the regular season and are always worth a look in hockey preseason betting. There are other organizations like the New York Islanders and Chicago Blackhawks that are usually not good bets in hockey preseason betting. You then have a lot of teams that are right in the middle and will go up and down with their preseason results.

Another thing to remember about hockey preseason betting is that goaltending is very important just as it is in the regular season. Teams with strong goaltending are teams to consider as you bet on hockey preseason games. Since the NHL has opened with more speed and scoring, teams that have solid goaltenders are always worth a look in hockey preseason betting.

In addition to goaltenders, defensemen are critical in hockey preseason betting. If the defensemen are doing the job they will keep second chances by the opposition low and help the goaltenders and that is important to keep in mind in hockey preseason betting. Defense wins games, even in the preseason.

As you bet on hockey preseason action remember that some teams will have new coaches and they may want to win immediately. Taking a new coach in hockey preseason betting is not a bad idea. You may also want to look at top coaches because they can make a difference in hockey preseason betting action. That is just one factor to consider as you bet on hockey preseason action. Coaching, goaltending and defensemen are three factors to consider as you bet on hockey preseason games.

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