Hockey Playoffs Western Conference Preview

November 7th, 2019 NHL Hockey

NHL Betting is at its most exciting, as the start of the race for the Stanley Cup reaches the hockey Playoffs. Today SBG Global the best sportsbook to bet on NHL hockey, takes a closer look into the Western Conference and predict which teams are advancing to the next round. The East will produce some exciting matchups, but the west has some close contests in their own right, with the defending champs looking to make the Stanley Cup Hangover a thing of the past and win back-to-back championships.

Stars (-255) vs Wild (+215)

The Dallas Stars reach the playoffs after having a very solid season with, great consistency and firepower to make them reach the top of the Western Conference. The Wild, on the other hand, reached the playoffs with a losing streak of five games in the final stretch. What’s worse for them is that they appear to have lost some steam at the end of the regular season and with the Stars up next, they are at risk of being swept in this series, however they are more than capable of playing good hockey. They might pull one game back, but not more than that. For betting on hockey playoffs purposes, Dallas moves on in 5 games.

Blues (-120) vs Blackhawks (EV)

This is the series that will go to distance. St Louis NHL betting fans will be please to know that they are the favorites against the Blackhawks. Their regular season encounters saw the Blues have a lead of 3 out of 5 games. But, Chicago has put St. Louis down and they are the defending Stanley Cup champs, if anything that has to provide some sort of mental edge. However, comparing the regular seasons that both teams had, and the resiliency the Blues will keep this team on top and winning the series in seven games.

Ducks (-170) vs Predators (+150)

The Nashville predators might seem like a tempting wager to win these series, due to their dominance of the Ducks in the regular season. But, in comparison the Ducks reach the playoffs looking like a contender for the Stanley Cup. Anaheim managed to turn things around after a questionable start of the regular season, putting up a strong finish that will have their fans betting on hockey jumping for joy. The Predators know how to beat the Ducks, but in the end in a long series format, the Ducks will take this one in 6 games.

Kings (-145) vs Sharks (+125)

The Sharks will be out for revenge during this series looking to put away the Kings, after L.A. eliminated them the past two times they made it to the playoffs. And what probably stings the most is that both series reached epic seven games. In the regular season the Sharks managed to take away 3 out of the five games they played, and for the most part, like the Predators, they might seem to be the tempting wager. The Kings have home-ice advantage and they will try to capitalize on it, as they are a strong and experienced team that could make a run for the Stanley Cup. Yet, something about this rivalry that make NHL playoffs Betting insiders not entirely sure if you should pick the Kings. The Sharks will steal this series, and thus get redemption, in another epic 7 games series.

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