Hockey Playoffs Betting vs. NBA playoffs at SBG Global

Hockey playoffs betting fans claim that hockey betting is the greatest sporting event on the face of the planet.

And when it comes to hockey betting there is simply nothing better than hockey playoffs betting. But how does hockey playoffs betting stack up against other major sports like basketball for example?

NHL playoffs betting has a long and unique history roughly the same as the NBA and hockey betting and NBA betting are natural sports betting ventures to compare. The similarities between hockey playoffs betting and NBA betting playoffs are many. Both adopt the same 16 team format that allows for eight seeds in the two major conferences to battle it out for the top prize. Both hockey playoffs betting and NBA playoffs betting adopt a seven-game series as the format of choice to decide who the champ will be. And in this way hockey betting fans and NBA fans share much of the same mind set.

Also in both sports, team play and good defense generally wins out over individual play -something that hinder both hockey playoffs betting and NBA playoff betting. Both sports are very similar in this way and traditionally the team that plays the most unselfishly in either hockey playoffs betting or NBA playoffs betting has the most success. One need only look at the recent champs in hockey playoffs betting and the NBA post season to stress that point.

In the NBA post season betting the San Antonio Spurs knocked off every team in its path by playing the best defense that fed an unselfish offense -the same as the Anaheim Ducks in hockey playoffs betting last season. Indeed, the blue print for success for both hockey playoffs betting success and NBA playoff success for a team seems to be teamwork.

However, most hockey betting fans and probably even many NBA betting fans would argue that the NBA, especially in the playoffs, is much more prone to selfishness and individual play than the NHL and hockey playoffs betting. And perhaps that’s why there are so many hockey playoffs betting fans out there and why it seems to only get more popular as the years go by.