Hockey Playoffs Betting: NHL playoffs are tough to beat at SBG Global

Hockey playoffs betting fans are a rare sort of breed. All sports fans are little eccentric in their own way and hockey fans are certainly no different. But the wackiness level of hockey betting fans seems to be turned up another notch when the hockey playoffs betting season rolls around. Hockey betting has been around forever and most likely from the very start this group of hockey betting fans has been a little nuts.

You see the playoffs bring out the nuttiest in every group of pro sports fans and so it’s not all that unusual that the hockey playoffs fans should get all hyped for the post season either. Consider the NFL fans for the teams in the north that venture out in the sub-freezing weather bare-chested and risking pneumonia -perhaps it’s a good thing that hockey playoffs betting is done indoors.

Or take for the wacky NHL betting fan of the Denver Broncos that attends every game wearing little more than a giant cowboy hat and barrel. That is the type of man that you would expect to be involved in hockey betting, and perhaps he is. But hockey playoffs betting does not have that kind of outdoor freezing element which would seem so at home in hockey betting. But the eccentricity of the fans more then makes up for it.

Hockey betting is full of passion and full of creativity. Everyone who even knows anything about hockey betting has seen the hats thrown on the ice for a hat trick. That is a unique and interesting ritual specific only to hockey and hockey playoffs betting. But hockey playoffs betting fans have taken the whole throwing things on the ice to a whole other level. Consider the octopus toss which has become a mainstay at some hockey matches.

Depending on the city and the arena, you’re liable to see all kinds of objects thrown, but when a player scores three goals in hockey betting match at some arenas he’s liable to be pelted by dead octopus. Or, also filed in the “strange objects thrown during a hockey betting match”, who could forget the shower of rubber rats that rained down on the Florida Panthers during their improbable run to the Stanley Cup in the 1990s?


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