Hockey Odds

Hockey odds are available at sportsbooks during the NHL season but they are also available before the season begins. NHL odds in terms of future bets are those in which you wager on a team to win the Stanley Cup. This is a wager that is made before the season begins. It is a wager that keeps you in action all year long. There may also be hockey odds available for future bets on a team’s win total for the season or for the NHL betting odds to win individual divisions or the conference.

The first thing to remember about NHL odds in terms of futures bets is that you need value. Your money will be tied up a very long time because the season begins in October and doesn’t end until June. That is nearly nine months where your money is tied up. If you are going to make a hockey odds futures’ bet you need to get value.

The first thing to remember about hockey odds futures is that popular teams hold no value. If you want to bet on the Red Wings, Rangers or Ducks you will get limited value. The Red Wings are usually the most heavily bet team on the futures’ board and almost always offer little value. The same thing holds true of the Rangers although not for the same reason. The Rangers are a New York team and get hockey betting action regardless of whether they are good or bad. As we look to bet NHL odds in terms of futures we have to first consider the teams that can win the Stanley Cup and then find one or two that have decent value.

Also, don’t forget about the NHL odds futures bet in terms of wins. This bet must be made before the start of the regular season and can be found at some sportsbooks. This wager also keeps you in action all season long as you are betting over or under the amount of wins that your team will get during the year. If you have a favorite team it is a great way to keep in action on a day to day basis since you will be rooting every day for your hockey odds bet. These NHL betting futures are just another great way to be in action all year for just one wager.