Hockey Odds on the NHL All Star Game at SBG Global

Hockey odds for the upcoming NHL All-star game are a different breed of animal compared to most hockey betting odds.

Whereas the total goals scored in most hockey odds match ups can be counted on one hand, the annual show down between the Western Conference All-stars and the Eastern Conference All-stars is generally one of the highest scoring games of the hockey odds season. Defense is thrown by the way side and it’s not all that uncommon for the goal tally to reach double digits when the best of the NHL take the ice in this epic hockey odds battle.

Hockey odds betting fans should expect plenty of offensive fireworks when the top vote getting players in the NHL take the ice. There are plenty of explosive goal scorers up front and is the tendency when voting on the best players in hockey odds competition many of the backline players selected on the defensive side are also adept goal scorers.  The result is, as stated above, generally a fast break shoot out with the goal total almost always exceeding the pre-game hockey odds.

This year familiarity seems to be a constant when it comes to the players selected to start the game for their respective conferences in this classic hockey odds game.  In fact to say that these players on this half of the hockey odds all-star squad know each other is a massive understatement. All told, there are only two teams represented in the East starting line up. And of the starters for these hockey odds all star game 67% of them are Montreal Canadiens. Only Penguin stars Sydney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin prevented the Canadiens from sweeping this hockey odds line up.

In West there is a bit more diversity (but not much) and that could hurt the team’s chances in the hockey odds.  In another very unusual bit of hockey odds destiny only two teams are represented on the Western roster as well, Anaheim and Chicago. Patrick Kane, Jonathan Towes and Brian Campbell will all represent the Blackhawks while the Ducks contingent consists of Ryan Getzlaf, Scott Neidermayer and goal tender Jean-Sebatien Giguere.

All in all this hockey odds all-star game will look more like a four team scrimmage until the first shift change. As far as picking a winner, the East seems to have an edge in hockey betting odds as four of the starts play together every day. And the since the other Pens players that make up the starting roster in this hockey odds match up will also be the two best players on the ice, the nod has to go the East in this All-star game.   

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