Hockey Betting on the Stanley Cup Underdog at SBG Global

Hockey betting fans generally like to support the favored team in the Stanley Cup because it can be difficult for online hockey betting enthusiasts to envision the underdog playing well enough in the series to hoist the Cup.

However, bettors must remember that very few teams sweep the Stanley Cup series and underdogs frequently cover the hockey betting odds or win some matchups outright. Also, underdogs playing at home can offer particularly good online hockey betting value that gamblers should not overlook.

Hockey betting on the Stanley Cup is unquestionably the hockey betting highlight of the year for many NHL gamblers. This best-of-seven series always features exciting matchups between two very talented squads. With the Stanley Cup on the line, many hockey betting fans refuse to believe that the better team will lose, so the underdog is ignored by many enthusiasts. Furthermore, Stanley Cup matchups naturally receive much more public action than typical online hockey betting contests, and this action tends to follow the favorite as well.

Consequently, the hockey betting odds are sometimes inflated for the favored team and actually undervalue the underdog. Therefore, fans should not shy away from wagering on the underdog in the Stanley Cup. This hockey betting can be on the puck line or even on the money line, as any outright victories will likely payoff well for the underdog.

If one team seems severely outmatched then the same team will be an underdog in its online hockey betting matchups both at home and on the road. If this is the case then there may be particularly good value in hockey betting on the underdog at home. In such a situation there will be a good possibility that the underdog will return to its home arena down 0-2 in the series and the team will know that the next hockey betting matchup is an absolute must-win game.

The combination of desperation and playing at home is typically sufficient for the underdog to win its following hockey betting matchup outright. Therefore, betting on the underdog in one or both of its first two home games can be a very effective hockey betting strategy. It is rare to see an underdog swept in four games in the Stanley Cup, so do not be afraid to back the underdog with some of your Stanley Cup hockey betting, even if it involves wagering on different teams in different games.

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