Handicap and Bet on Hockey Games

September 8th, 2017 NHL Hockey

Bet on hockey action doesn’t get the attention of other sports. That can be good news or bad news depending upon your perspective.

How do you go about handicapping when you are getting ready for NHL betting? Bet on hockey is done by both the recreational and the professional gambler. The question you want to ask yourself as you bet on hockey is whether you are a bettor that is a handicapper or a recreational bettor. A handicapper is really someone that gets all the information he can about a game before making a bet on hockey selection.  The bettor is just betting NHL games based on opinion without really considering matchups, statistics, trends, or any other factors.  Let’s consider the handicapper that is going to bet on hockey.

Most handicappers that are involved in NHL betting are almost always bettors as well, because it is difficult to understand how to handicap events without also betting on them.  An NHL betting handicapper starts by getting the statistics for the game he is going to bet.  For example, let’s say Dallas is playing at Chicago and the Blackhawks are -170 favorites on the bet on hockey line.  A handicapper would begin by looking at the ATS records for both Dallas and Chicago and start by determining if he could find an edge based solely on the bet on hockey odds.  If his own personal power ratings had the line being off by a substantial amount, he might have a play without looking at any other bet on hockey factors.

On the Internet you will also find some handicappers that also sell their picks. They run a service and sell their advice and charge money for their NHL betting selections.  Just because someone has a bet on hockey service does not mean they are a handicapper.  Some services just pick games without doing any research at all.

Does being a handicapper make you good when you bet on hockey?  The answer is not necessarily.  Sometimes you can do great handicapping and just not win when you bet on hockey.  Looking at all of the trends and numbers in the world won’t guarantee you anything as you bet on hockey.  If it did then hard work would always pay off and that is not always the case. Handicapping can be done in various ways as you are getting ready to bet on NHL games.

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