Great moments in Stanley Cup Betting history at SBG Global

Stanley Cup betting is filled with a long and rich history of great moments. As most hockey betting fans can tell there never seems to be any shortage of thrills or excitement and adrenaline riddled match ups have become the signature of Stanley Cup wagering. But when you look back over all the Stanley Cup wagering history there always seems to be a few great hockey betting moments that stick out above the rest.

Stanley Cup wagering fans all have their own favorite Stanley Cup wagering moments and much of this depends on the individual perspective. On what team the hockey betting fan supports and things like. But generally the really great moments in Stanley Cup betting are universally acknowledged as moments of greatness among fans and hockey players alike.

Who can forget the great moment in Stanley Cup wagering history when in 2002 the Red Wings found themselves fighting their old nemesis Colorado down a game heading into game six of the Stanley Cup wagering conference finals? Goalie Dominik Hasek went nuts and sealed off the goal propelling his team to a series win a birth in the Stanley Cup wagering  finals, which the Red Wings won for the third time in nine years.

Speaking of Hasek, he features prominently in many great Stanley Cup wagering moments. In 1999 he was in the net for the Sabres when one of the most controversial goals in Stanley Cup wagering history was scored. Hockey betting superstar Brett Hull scored the game winning goal in game six of the Stanley Cup betting finals, a goal that should have been waived off because his skate was in the crease, but the goal was allowed and the Dallas Stars experienced their first Stanley Cup betting victory.

But perhaps the best Stanley Cup wagering moment can in attributed to Mark Messier during his stint with the New York Rangers in 1994. Down a game in the conference finals game six he predicted a series victory and sealed the great Stanley Cup wagering moment with a hat trick. The Rangers then went to host the Cup in what was one of the greatest modern Stanley Cup wagering moments in history.