Game 6 Ducks at Blackhawks Betting Odds

December 20th, 2019 NHL Hockey

As the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs continue in the Western Conference Finals with the 6th Game being played on Wednesday the 27th of May 2015, with the Ducks of Anaheim (3-2) playing the Blackhawks of Chicago (2-3) with the Ducks leading this 7 Game Series at 3-2 with the 6th Game being played at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois at 8:05 PM ET and seen on NBC SN TV.

The opening Vegas odds for this 6th Game are favoring the Blackhawks of Chicago at -145 on the Money Line with the Over 5-140 and -1 ½ +205 on the Puck Line, while the comeback on the Ducks of Anaheim +125 on the Money Line with the Under 5 +120 and +1 ½ -245 on the Puck Line.

In the 1st Game of this Series played in California the Ducks beat the Blackhawks by 3 goals at 4-1, then in the 2nd Game also in California the Blackhawks beat the Ducks by 1 goal in the 3rd OT at 3-2. The 3rd Game moved to Chicago as the Ducks beat the Blackhawks by 1 goal at 2-1. In the 4th Game also in Chicago the Blackhawks beat the Ducks by 1 goal in the 2 OT at 5-4, and then in the 5th game back in California the Ducks beat the Blackhawks by 1 goal in OT at 5-4. So far 3 of the games have been decided in OT periods and the aggregate goals scored for the 5 games gives the Ducks some 17 goals and the Blackhawks some 14 goals, as the Ducks lead the Series 3-2. After this 6th Game on Wednesday, the 7th and Final Game (if needed) will be played on Saturday the 30th of May 2015 at 8:05 Pm ET in California as the Blackhawks will visit the Ducks.

If you’re a Ducks fan of Anaheim and Bet on NHL at an online sportsbook you know your Ducks won that Game 5 by starting fast and finishing terrific at 5-4. They were leading in the 1st at 3-0 watched their lead diminish as the Captain of Chicago, J. Toews scored 2 goals in the 3rd to force an OT in the game. In the game their 2nd line stepped up and rescued the Ducks as M. Beleskey managed a goal with just some 46 seconds after the extra time started to take the win.

The Ducks Belesky has now in two consecutive games has managed to score a goal, in this 5th game and also in game 4, while he has 7 goals to date in these playoffs, and that’s 2nd behind C. Perry who leads the team with 9 goals. Now with the Duck’s second line beefed up, that could be trouble for Chicago, whom is presently finding in tough to deal with their 1st line in P. Maroon, R. Getzlaf a C. Perry , and now have to worry about the 2nd. That first line together has scored some six goals plus they have 7 assists to date in these Western Conference Finals. To date in the Ducks last 10 games on the road, or away games they are 7-3 when Andersen is playing.

Now, if you’re a Blackhawks of Chicago fan you must be aware your J. Towes had a great Game 5, but the team came up 1 goal short of being able to take the 3-2 lead in the series which went to the Ducks. Now the Blackhawks are up against the wall and are seeking to avoid elimination at home, and that’s a good note, as in their last 10 home games the Blackhawks have won 7 and lost 3 games. With the Ducks presently playing some very rough hockey, the Ducks have managed to outhit the Blackhawks at 261 to 181 to date in this series of 7 games. Based on that, the Chicago team can expect some power plays to come their way in this Wednesday game.

If Chicago is to prolong their season they need to rediscover their defensive abilities, as they only gave up some 2.3 goals in the regular season per game, and in the last 2 games they already yielded 9 goals to the Ducks.

Amazingly the experts like the experience possessed by the Blackhawks in previous playoffs and predict Chicago win this Game 6 by beating the Ducks 3-1 and tying the Series at 3 to 3.

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