Game 4 Rangers vs. Capitals Betting Preview

January 7th, 2020 NHL Hockey

As the NHL Playoffs are well underway in the East with the 2nd Round underway we are previewing the 4th Game of this series as the Rangers of New York (1-2-0) play the 4th Game against the Capitals of Washington (2-1-0) as the Caps lead this series 2-1 and this 4th Game to be played on Wednesday the 6th of May in Washington, D.C. with the start scheduled for 7:30 PM ET.

Reviewing the outcome of the first 3 games, the 1st Game was played in New York on the Thursday the 30th of April in which the Capitals won over the Rangers 2-1. In the 2nd Game played on Saturday the 2nd of May at New York in which the Rangers at home beat the Capitals 3-2. The 3rd Game on Monday the 4th of May in D.C. the Capitals at home beat the Rangers 1-0 to take a 2-1 lead in this 7 Game Series, with the upcoming Game 4 to also be played in D.C. on Wednesday the 6th of May 2015 at 7:40 PM ET.

The Vegas betting odds on this 4th Game of the Eastern Conference Series the Capitals of Washington are favored at -115 on the Money Line with the Total 4 ½ -140 Over, while the Rangers of New York are -105 on the Money Line. After this Game 4 the 5th Game will be played on Friday the 8th of May in New York at 7:10 PM ET as the Caps play at the Rangers. Then the 6th Game (if needed) will be played in D.C. on Sunday the 10th of May with the Rangers playing the Capitals with time TBD. The 7th and Final Game (if needed) will be played in New York with the Capitals playing the Rangers on Tuesday the 12th of May 2015 with the time TBD. Looking at these 2 teams going into Game 4, the Rangers during the regular season were the League’s top road team, and will still be ready to win this game 4. The Capitals have displayed their talent and have the Rangers in a 2-1 hole in this series.

If you one to Bet on the NHL at a Sportsbook and are a Rangers of New York fan, you surely are aware that your team has dealt with adversity before, and that’s where they are at in this point of the Series. In the playoffs of 2013 the Rangers were down 2-1 after the 1st 3 games also, but still managed to eliminate Washington in the 1st round of that year’s playoffs. What was amazing in game 3 was the Rangers in the 1st period of that game outshot the Capitals 11 to 6 and 30-22 in the entire game but still lost 0-1. If the Rangers want to win this game an even the series, they need another fast start, like they did in Game 2 when they scored 2 early games and won the game 3-2. They also need that star a scoring, to renew his abilities in the playoffs, as he has had 14 shots on goal at the series and scored no goals. For your information their goalie Henrik blocked 21 of the 22 shots on goal in Game3, and the Rangers managed to win 4 of their 6 games they played in D.C.

For the fans of the Capitals of Washington, D.C. you now have a hero in goalie B. Joltby who blocked or stopped all of the Rangers 30 shots on goal in Game 3, which that gave him a 2nd career shutout in playoff games. To date in these 2014-15 playoffs he has .950 saves % and is 5-4. Plus thank the player J. Beagle who got his own rebound from shot at goal and scored the Capitals only goal in that Game 3, a player that during the regular season only scored some 10 goals. The Capitals have the League’s leading scorer Ovechkin who in the regular season has some 53 goals, and in Game 3 it was the only game in this 3 game series that he did not score a goal. But don’t give up on him yet, as during the regular season the Rangers scored some 10 goals playing against the Capitals and Ovechkin score 5 of those goals. Also watch E. Kuznetzov and J. Ward who are other players that have scored against the Capitals in the playoffs.

The experts were reluctant to predict this game, but after some time they picked the Rangers to win this 3rd Game 2-1 and tie the Series at 2-2.

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